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Palmer Study Course On Intelligent Design: Human Exceptionalism 6, Part 1

From the course unit: Darwin claimed that bipedality would have been the first indication of apes evolving into humans. But after searching for evidence of increasing bipedality, the best scientists can do is claim that hominids were facultatively (optionally) bipedal. All apes today are facultatively bipedal. Is that a convincing argument that humans and apes are closely related? What other fossil evidence shows us the distinct difference between apes and humans? Read More ›

Michael Egnor: How NOT to debate materialists

Egnor: Although ape brains do differ somewhat from human brains in cortical anatomy, it is the similarity between the brains of apes and men, rather than the differences, that provides striking evidence of human exceptionalism. Read More ›

New book from Harvard U Press: Childhood, not evolution makes us human

Two things: If the significant changes happen to humans between birth and seven years of age, it is not q theory of evolution at all, but of intellectual and cultural development. Also, Tomasello seems not be following the party line that apes are just like us but we refuse to recognize the fact. That’s borderline heresy. Read More ›