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Bill Dembski

Bill Dembski offers some guidance on reading Darwinian Jason Rosenhouse

Bill Dembski: So much in Rosenhouse’s book is careless, sloppy, giving no indication that he has carefully studied and adequately comprehended my work or that of my colleagues. Read More ›

Bill Dembski is back

On this ID the Future, intelligent design pioneer William Dembski talks with host Rob Crowther about his return to the intelligent design arena and what he’s been up to during his time away from the front lines of the ID movement. Read More ›

Michael Egnor: The mind refutes materialism in a rather straightforward way

Egnor: I agree that design in nature is an effective challenge to materialism. But I also believe that the mind refutes materialism in a rather straightforward way—and in much the same way that evidence of intelligent design in biology refutes materialism… Read More ›

SETI is really one big fat design inference

The Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence (SETI) folk should induct ID theorist Bill Dembski into their Hall of Fame because he literally wrote the book on The Design Inference and that's the idea that keeps them going. Read More ›

Bill Dembski on the primacy of information for science

The conversation with Fred Skiff, chair of the physics department at the University of Iowa examines why information is the most basic object of study in science and how Conservation of Information naturally leads to the conclusion that intelligence is the ultimate source of information. Read More ›

Science, miracles, and Benny Hinn

Bill Dembski's 2nd chapter of a book on miracles is now on line. One wonders whether scam vs. no-scam is even the right question in many cases. Perhaps what we should be asking is, how much of what is happening can be accounted for by the well-documented—and quite real— placebo effect? Read More ›