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At MMN: Columbia professor wants government to regulate news media (Don’t imagine these moves won’t affect ID)

Bassett: “[J]ournalists have bizarrely transformed from their traditional role as leading free expression defenders into the most vocal censorship advocates, using their platforms to demand that tech monopolies ban and silence others,” writes award-winning journalist and former attorney Glenn Greenwald. Read More ›

If ID is dead, why are some obsessed with shutting it down?

Ah yes. Mutterings about the need for censorship. When we don’t have a reasonable response to a troubling topic, first, we self-censor. Then we censor anyone who raises it. Sure, guys. That’ll work. The questions are still there but only for those capable of addressing them. Read More ›

At MercatorNet: For once, a woke “ethicist” gets shut down by people with disabilities

Message to activists for persons with disabilities: Please fight for Peter Singer’s freedom of speech to display his agenda to the world while there is still a slight chance you can legally fight it. Leave the defense of censorship to those well-heeled woke who would also deprive you of your lives. So many of them will be only too happy to oblige in both cases. Read More ›

Bill Dembski on censorship of books at Amazon

You think you’re free to read what you want? Think again: Three days ago on this forum, I raised the question how long would it be before Amazon, which has now started banning videos skeptical of vaccines, starts banning books. I thought books would be safer. But no. Tommy Robinson’s book Mohammed’s Koran has now been banned on Amazon. For the story, see here. For the Tommy Robinson page at Amazon showing that the book has indeed been removed (proof by absence), see here. Barnes and Noble has likewise removed it. … Bill Dembski, “Censorship of Books at Amazon” at billdembski.com The Big Shuddup was bound to happen in monopoly markets. It is much easier to stop a single leak than hundreds of them. Read More ›