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Colin Wright

Woke world destroys Darwinian evolutionary biologist

Those other evolutionary biologists had better get with the program and denounce Colin Wright, right? Or just shut up and stay shut up. From an old source: Sow the wind, reap the whirlwind. We’d be happy to help but we can only help people who think that intellectual freedom is not negotiable. It must be okay to criticize Darwin too. Read More ›

A Darwinian biologist who has debated ID folk describes getting Canceled

Over time, science in many areas is likely to wither as it comes more and more under the domination of trolls with agendas. And, curiously, being a Darwinist is no longer a form of protection. Read More ›

The perfect storm: Darwinists meet the progressive “evolution deniers” — and cringe…

An evolutionary biologist chronicles the onslaught: At first, left-wing pushback to evolution appeared largely in response to the field of human evolutionary psychology. Since Darwin, scientists have successfully applied evolutionary principles to understand the behavior of animals, often with regard to sex differences. However, when scientists began applying their knowledge of the evolutionary underpinnings of animal behavior to humans, the advancing universal acid began to threaten beliefs held sacrosanct by the Left. The group that most fervently opposed, and still opposes, evolutionary explanations for behavioral sex differences in humans were/are social justice activists. Evolutionary explanations for human behavior challenge their a priori commitment to “Blank Slate” psychology—the belief that male and female brains in humans start out identical and that Read More ›