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David Hume

And now… David Hume Cancelled? Jerry Coyne reports.

Jerry, what goes around, comes around. You did to Eric Hedin what the Woke are doing to your faves. They'll Cancel them all. Then they won't have to do any homework. We didn’t tell them to. You did. We could all help stop it now but then you have to stop too. Read More ›

Video Presentation: Why the Debate Over Intelligent Design Really Matters

I have recently posted a new video presentation on my YouTube channel. In the video I talk about some of the reasons why I think the debate over Intelligent Design and biological origins is of great significance. Aside from just being a fascinating area, it has many implications in several areas of life. This video, while far from perfect, is a big step up from my last few videos. I’ve done a fair amount of editing on this one, and took time to make it a little more professional, with music, slides, and photos. I hope you enjoy it, and it gets you thinking a little about why this topic is of importance to you also. Why the Question of Read More ›

Book by classical philosopher of design in nature is now available after 200 years

At Amazon: The Lectures on Natural Theology were not included in the ten-volume Edinburgh Edition of Reid's collected works. Moreover, while two earlier editions of these lectures exist, both contain serious mistakes of transcription and annotation. For these reasons, this carefully revised edition of this important text fills an important gap in the literature. Read More ›