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Maybe this is an argument for the rights of human embryos…

Researchers: The result revealed several key characteristics of the human embryonic development process. Firstly, mutation rates are higher in the first cell division, but then decrease to approximately one mutation per cell during later cell division. Secondly, early cells contributed unequally to the development of the embryo in all informative donors, for example, at the two-cell stage, one of the cells always left more progeny cells than the other. The ratio of this was different from person to person, implying that the process varies between individuals and is not fully deterministic. Read More ›

Huge mystery: Why are embryos timed correctly?

The research group can iterate in the greatest detail all the examples of the perfect timing throughout nature, via exquisitely designed controls, but dogma requires them to insist that it is all just an accident. A question arises: Will that requirement become a conceptual handicap? Read More ›

Researchers: Animal embryos evolved before animals

Well, now that Zhu mentions it, hadn’t we better be sure that there are no adult stages before we make such dramatic claims? Otherwise, what we really have is another early Ediacaran complex animal which, while a marvellous find, is not the one Darwinians would be hoping for. Read More ›