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At Evolution News: Can Physics Account for Our Whole Reality?

ourselves, corresponds with the thesis of intelligent design - that our reality is consistent with one in which an intelligent mind (with the attributes of God) not only caused the physical reality of our universe, but has intervened within it to bring about outcomes that would not have arisen without intervention. Read More ›

At Evolution News: Secrets that Give Sea Lions and Jellyfish Their Edge as Swimmers

"If the world’s best human designers are attempting to build machines to mimic what these animals “naturally do,” it’s a reasonable inference that sea lions and jellyfish originated from an intelligent cause — one with superior knowledge of propulsion, fluid mechanics, and optimization." Read More ›

At Evolution News: Michael Behe in World Magazine — “Game Over” for Darwinism

"...the game is over for Darwinian evolutionary theory: an unguided evolutionary explanation for what Behe calls irreducibly complex structures, including ATP synthase, will not be found." Read More ›

At Evolution News: The Multiverse: From Epicurus to Comic Books and Beyond

A profound difference between appealing to the multiverse and appealing to God, is that the historical and personal evidence for God throughout human history is multilayered and pervasive, whereas the evidence for the multiverse remains firmly at zero. Read More ›

At Evolution News: An Optimistic Solution to the Mystery of Life’s Origin

It's fairly evident that non-theistic origin-of-life researchers, while seeing the daunting obstacles to any conceivable naturalistic pathway for abiogenesis, nevertheless believe that life arose naturally, not based on scientific evidence, but due to their nearly absolute determination that God's creative agency not be considered. Read More ›

At Evolution News: Theoretical Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder on the Deficiency of Alternative Models to Big Bang Cosmology

We observe phenomena in this universe that are beyond the known constraints imposed by the laws of nature, implying that natural explanations are insufficient to explain their existence. The origin of this universe is one of those observed realities that transcend the abilities of nature. Read More ›

At Evolution News: Origin of the First Self-Replicating Molecules

"Many variants of Stanley Miller’s experimental setup have been used in attempting to demonstrate the conversion of energy-rich, gaseous-phase chemicals into amino acids and other biomolecular monomers. But this is not nearly sufficient to generate life." Read More ›

At Evolution News: Gene Sharing Is More Widespread than Thought, with Implications for Darwinism

David Coppedge writes: Evidence is growing that organisms share existing genetic information horizontally, not just vertically. This has immense implications for neo-Darwinian theory that are not yet fully recognized. If traits can be shared across species, genera and even phyla, they are not being inherited from common ancestors. The findings might also cast stories about convergence and co-evolution in a completely different light. Let’s look at some of the news on this front. Introgression Last month, Current Biology posted a Primer on Introgression by four authors. Introgression refers to “lasting transfer of DNA from one of the species into the genome of the other” by means of hybridization and backcrossing. Basically, it describes “the incorporation of the DNA from one species into Read More ›