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Brian Miller

From Evolution News: Prigogine’s Self-Organization vs. Specified Biological Complexity

Self-organization, exemplified in "dissipative structures" (Prigogine), which can arise in systems maintained far from thermodynamic equilibrium, result in a decrease in information and do not constitute a natural explanation of information-rich biological systems. Read More ›

At Evolution News: Theoretical Physicist Sabine Hossenfelder on the Deficiency of Alternative Models to Big Bang Cosmology

We observe phenomena in this universe that are beyond the known constraints imposed by the laws of nature, implying that natural explanations are insufficient to explain their existence. The origin of this universe is one of those observed realities that transcend the abilities of nature. Read More ›

Physicist Brian Miller reflects on claims that the universe had no beginning

Miller: Sutter asserts that Bento and Zalel’s article offers a credible response against the evidence for a cosmic beginning. Yet this claim is only based on what might be possible in the realm of the imagination. Read More ›

At Evolution News: Nearly All of Evolution Is Best Explained by Engineering

Question: If someone proposed Darwinism for the first time today, now that we know all that we know about the hard-to-fathom complexity of life, would people as readily accept it? Read More ›

Darwinism’s legacy of confusion in biology

Miller quotes, “Indeed the language of neo-Darwinism is so careless that the words ‘divine plan’ can be substituted for ‘selection pressure’ in any popular work in the biological literature without the slightest disruption in the logical flow of argument. – Robert G. B. Reid, Biological Emergences: Evolution by Natural Experiment, Pp. 37-38” That’s a devastating indictment, given that the whole point of Darwinism was to demonstrate that life could come into existence purely by random processes. Read More ›

How engineering destroys faith in Darwinism

Brian Miller: Biologists wedded to scientific materialism have argued that life is so different from human artifacts that they can dismiss engineers’ conclusions about organisms’ limited evolvability. The central fallacy in this argument is that nearly every difference between human creations and life makes the latter ever more challenging to design. And the challenges translate into more daunting obstacles for any evolutionary scenario. Read More ›

Materialism hangs on to science now — not by evidence but by politics

A quibble with Brian Miller’s analysis above: It’s not “philosophy” as such that fronts Darwin's stranglehold on the discussion of evolution. It’s the power to cause career ruin. That’s the stick end of politics, not of philosophy. Read More ›

James Tour and Brian Miller on thermodynamics and the origin of life

In this podcast, Dr. James Tour and Dr. Brian Miller discuss science and faith, including a presentation by Dr. Miller, showing his extensive expertise in the application of thermodynamics and information theory to the problem of the origin of life. Read More ›

Sabine Hossenfelder dismisses fine-tuning; Brian Miller and Steve Meyer respond

Fine-tuning of the universe is one of those concepts that can pass every possible evidence test and still be rejected because it is just not supposed to be true. No matter how foolish the arguments against it are, they will always appear preferable. If the situation results in confusion, well, confusion is clarity. Read More ›

Origin of life dustup: Once again, we discover why we love Inference Review

A genuine discussion between Helen Hansma and Brian Miller in the Letters Section about whether mica sheets made a difference. A refuge for serious dialogue. No pussyhats. No political endorsements. Read More ›