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At Mind Matters News: Abduction: A thinking skill you can do but computers can’t

Fahsing point outs that criminal investigations are generally abductive rather than deductive. “Try to eliminate as many explanations or lines of inquiry as you can. Just like in science, theories can be truly tested only through falsification.” Read More ›

Another attack on Karl Popper’s falsification concept

Disparagement of falsification in science has come up quite a bit in recent years, mainly sponsored — we think —by people whose ideas are unfalsifiable in principle and therefore only doubtfully science. Read More ›

Sabine Hossenfelder on the flight from falsifiability

Hossenfelder is right to be concerned. Some cosmologists would like to dump falsifiability as a criterion. If they could, they would remove an obstacle to demanding public belief in ideas like the multiverse, ideas that cannot be falsified because there is no evidence for them. Read More ›