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But didn’t Darwinists tell us that men kill other guys’ kids to have their own, thus spreading their selfish genes?

Overlooked, because it is politically incorrect, is the fact that — most likely — the father of the child was not even on the scene. In reality, if the selfish gene mattered much, Dad would have been on the scene. The situation is indistinguishable from people not caring enough to make a difference.

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At MercatorNet: For once, a woke “ethicist” gets shut down by people with disabilities

Message to activists for persons with disabilities: Please fight for Peter Singer’s freedom of speech to display his agenda to the world while there is still a slight chance you can legally fight it. Leave the defense of censorship to those well-heeled woke who would also deprive you of your lives. So many of them will be only too happy to oblige in both cases.