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James Tour

James Tour on the practical side of intelligent design

Luskin: James Tour hopes that his nanodrills will find a place in future therapies to treat problems like antibiotic resistance and tumors. At the core of his research is using our own intelligence to create therapies that outsmart antibiotic resistance—in other words, to beat evolution with intelligent design. Read More ›

Top world chemist, James Tour, to speak at COSM 2021

A common misconception is that researchers need only discover the “secret ingredient” or “key process” and we will know how life originated. But life is very much more complicated, even in its simplest forms, than we often realize. Read More ›

“Professor Dave” goes after eminent chemist James Tour

Organic chemist Royal Truman: I found the ad hominems vulgar and no substitute for an understanding of what Prof. Tour has been explaining. The evidence Prof. D. presented was ridiculously superficial and misleading. If I were him, I’d get rid of this video, since this is a pure gift for Prof. Tour. Read More ›

Claim: We are making headway with the origin of life

The article is an interesting summary of the various hypotheses on offer but it’s not like there are any big breakthroughs. However, actual breakthroughs are hardly the point. From a materialist perspective, the point is to keep up the pursuit of a random, non-intelligent origin of life. That’s all the success that is really required. Read More ›

Researchers: Surface bubbles could have somehow become Earth’s first cells. Hey, James Tour will LOVE this — um, not!

Origin of life and Darwinian evolution seem to attract the airiest, flimsiest speculations. Is it just a coincidence or could there be a reason for that? Read More ›

Renowned chemist James Tour’s episodes 1-3 on origin of life

David Klinghoffer: Tour got going with this 13-part series of lectures in response to a hapless critic, Dave Farina. As a correspondent quips, “I don’t know who Dave Farina is, but he’s kicked the wrong dog.” Indeed so. Read More ›

Chemist James Tour offers a YouTube series on abiogenesis, treated as a form of magic

"In this compelling series of lectures on abiogenesis, James Tour's riposte slices through both hype and myths using science to critique "science", demonstrating how experts in the field truly remain clueless on the origin of life." We recommend that inveterate yay-hoos find someone else to attack. Read More ›

James Tour and Brian Miller on thermodynamics and the origin of life

In this podcast, Dr. James Tour and Dr. Brian Miller discuss science and faith, including a presentation by Dr. Miller, showing his extensive expertise in the application of thermodynamics and information theory to the problem of the origin of life. Read More ›