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Melvin Vopson

At Mind Matters News: Does information have mass? An experimental physicist weighs in

Rob Sheldon notes that the more real-world information we have, the less the bits weigh until, at very large amounts of information, they weigh almost nothing. Read More ›

Eric Holloway: Does information weigh something after all? What if it does?

Holloway: If [Melvin] Vopson is correct we now have a mystery because his theory is in tension with the conservation of energy. The only solution is that the system is not closed. So where is the opening in the system? If the system is physically closed, then the influx of information must come from outside the physical realm. Read More ›

Is information really the fifth state of matter? Rob Sheldon responds

Sheldon: Throughout history we have examples of these bad physics generalizations. For example, heat was once considered a fluid embedded in the oak log, absorbed from the sun, called phlogiston. As it turned out, heat is not a material substance. Read More ›