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Luke barnes

From The New Atlantis: The Fine-Tuning Of Nature’s Laws – What Physics Tells Us About The Improbability Of Life

"Our universe’s ability to create and sustain life is rare indeed; a highly explainable but as yet unexplained fact. It could point the way to deeper physics, or beyond this universe, or even to principles beyond the ultimate laws of nature." Read More ›

Rescuing the multiverse as a science concept… ?

Barnes on the multiverse: In the cycle of the scientific method, the multiverse is in an exploratory phase. We've got an idea that might explain a few things, if it was true. That makes it worthy of our attention, but it's not quite science yet. We need to find evidence that is more direct, more decisive. Read More ›

Fine tuning of the universe: The strong force and the fine structure constant

Luke Barnes: What would happen in a hypothetical universe in which the fundamental constants of nature had other values? There is nothing mathematically wrong with these hypothetical universes. But there is one thing that they almost always lack — life. Read More ›

Luke Barnes, Q & A on fine-tuning of the universe

It’s not clear that massive evidence for fine-tuning of the universe makes much difference to most naturalists because it just increases their certainty that the zero-evidence multiverse must be out there. But the rest of us will learn something. Come to think of it, panpsychists might adopt fine-tuning as an argument for an intelligent universe. We shall see. Read More ›

Why must fine-tuning be classed as a problem, not just a fact?

A good deal of effort goes into explaining away the fine-tuning of our universe and our Earth for life. But note the intellectually disastrous theses that are casually accepted as alternatives. What if we just accepted it? The way we accept the significance of 1/137. Read More ›