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Marvin Olasky

Ann Gauger talks about Adam and Eve with World editor Marvin Olasky

Editor in chief of WORLD News Group Marvin Olasky interviews Biologic Institute’s interviews Ann Gauger, Olasky: I used to work at DuPont, the inventor in the 1930s of nylon—and 40 years later scientists found a bacterium with an enzyme dubbed nylonase that was able to digest nylon, which is a synthetic chemical not found in nature. Evolutionists use that as proof that new proteins can rapidly evolve, but you found a different story. Gauger: It wasn’t what we call a frameshift mutation, a DNA deletion or insertion that shifts the whole way a sequence is read. I discovered a whole body of literature by some Japanese workers who had found pre-existing protein folds. There was no new protein, no novel Read More ›