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Miracle of the Cell (book)

Life is rare in the universe—IF there is no design

It would make a lot of sense for astrobiologists to be fans of intelligent design theory. Eventually, they will fall and hit their heads and realize that. Read More ›

Karsten Pultz: Review of Denton’s “The Miracle Of The Cell”

Pultz: Denton reveals the extreme specificity of the elements, how the properties—the configuration of electrons—of every single element is clearly tuned to fit the properties of the other elements such that no substitutions seem possible. The chemical characteristics of each element play together in a symphony of awesome fine tuning. Read More ›

Michael Denton’s new book calls our cells a “third infinity” of information

Michael Denton: "In the seventeenth century Christina, Queen of Sweden, upon hearing René Descartes insist that organisms are analogous to machines, is said to have retorted by saying of a mechanical clock, “See to it that it produces offspring.” Christina’s challenge has yet to be met." Read More ›