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Michael Denton

At Evolution News: Man, with His Special Place in Nature, Was Designed to Use Fire

With the evidence of our unique fitness for fire-making, the picture is complete. Nature is uniquely fit for man, designed with us in mind. The anthropocentric claim of Judeo-Christian tradition is vindicated. Read More ›

Evolution News: In His New Book, Denton Shows How Science Leads the Charge to Theism

Thomas: Recent advances in biological science, a subject formerly proclaimed to be corrosive of metaphysical beliefs have somewhat unexpectedly become a stimulus to the emergence of new advances which endorse many of the older observations of natural theology. As astronomer Paul Davies remarked some four decades ago, “It may seem bizarre, but in my opinion science offers a surer path to God than religion.” Read More ›

Denton’s prior fitness argument: Everything seems to have come together to produce humans

But didn’t Freeman Dyson (1923–2020) say, “The more I examine the universe and the details of its architecture, the more evidence I find that the universe in some sense must have known we were coming.” The idea isn’t new; there’s just much more evidence for it. Read More ›

Why Michael Denton is an important but under-recognized figure in the ID community

Here’s an interesting assessment of non-Darwinian microbiologist Michael Denton’s work: in The Miracle of the Cell he concentrates on one example of fine-tuning after another… Biologists may have once held simplistic notions about the origin of life, back in the heady days following the iconic Miller-Urey experiment. They may have thought they were on the right track toward explaining life when the double helix was discovered in the 1950s. It might have seemed that the cell was simple enough to explain by a few accidents here and a handful of lucky chemical reactions there. Research since then has put that false hope to rest. Denton’s most famous work was his 1985 book Evolution: A Theory in Crisis. It was both Read More ›

Life is rare in the universe—IF there is no design

It would make a lot of sense for astrobiologists to be fans of intelligent design theory. Eventually, they will fall and hit their heads and realize that. Read More ›

Karsten Pultz: Review of Denton’s “The Miracle Of The Cell”

Pultz: Denton reveals the extreme specificity of the elements, how the properties—the configuration of electrons—of every single element is clearly tuned to fit the properties of the other elements such that no substitutions seem possible. The chemical characteristics of each element play together in a symphony of awesome fine tuning. Read More ›

Michael Denton’s new book calls our cells a “third infinity” of information

Michael Denton: "In the seventeenth century Christina, Queen of Sweden, upon hearing René Descartes insist that organisms are analogous to machines, is said to have retorted by saying of a mechanical clock, “See to it that it produces offspring.” Christina’s challenge has yet to be met." Read More ›

The mystery of water: In chemistry it is now almost a “religious” controversy

But the real goal is to rule out design in nature, which the controversialists can’t do, hence the “religious” nature of the controversy. A friend writes to remind us that this is basically the stuff of Michael Denton’s book, Wonder of Water. Read More ›