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Peter Boghossian

Peter Boghossian on the Woke and cultural suicide

ON Boghossian: A lifelong liberal and critic of former President Donald Trump, Boghossian believes describing people as left or right is losing utility. It’s those who demand you think a certain way who are on one side, while those who do not are on the other. Read More ›

Sokal hoaxer Peter Boghossian makes some Utah State students feel that they are not “safe”

Apparently, he is guilty of “conceptual fascism” as well. My, my. Kiddos, the only people who should not “feel safe” around a Sokal hoaxer are people who are full of it. If you knew your stuff and were doing anything useful, you’d have nothing to fear. You’d even find it fun. Read More ›

Peter Boghossian: Culture War II unites Christians and atheists

Boghossian: In Culture War 2.0, correspondence theories of truth aren’t just dead: truth itself is inaccessible to people who do not possess the right identity characteristics. Read More ›

Sokal hoaxer punished: Science has left the building

The historic moment here is the university’s awesome lack of a sense of shame. At one time, people would ask hard questions of themselves if they looked as silly as this, rather than rushing to blame someone else. Read More ›

Darwinian Jerry Coyne makes a good point about the social science hoaxes

The distinction is that low-quality papers might happen to fall through the cracks now and then and a cherry picker could gin up an indictment of a whole field unjustly. BUT when a number of hoax papers get accepted by various journals, that points to deeper systemic rot. Especially when the social science profs are enraged rather than ashamed Read More ›

Portland U prof who hoaxed social science journals to prove a point is punished

The rap is “research misconduct,” of all things. Oh and get this: “An academic journal is continuing to sell a viral article on “rape culture” and “queer performativity” in Portland dog parks despite expressing concerns about the veracity of the research. Veracity? It was a genuine hoax, that’s what kind of veracity it had. Read More ›

Social science hoax papers: Putting a respectable face on persecuting the hoaxers

Sexton: Similarly, the experts Singal contacted said the use of fake data still counts as data fabrication even if the dataset was obviously meant to be part of a satirical hoax. So there may be two grounds on which this IRB could decide to punish Boghossian. Read More ›

Social science hoaxer’s job at risk for revealing “bias”

Boghossian’s breach of ethics was that he was supposed to get the consent of the journal editors before hoaxing them because they are human subjects. No, really. That is the explanation. Read More ›