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Casey Luskin Reviews the Kitzmiller Decision

Go here to read the full article. Not-So-Quick But Nonetheless Dirty Review of the Kitzmiller Decision By Casey Luskin Introduction: This is a response to the Kitzmiller v. Dover Area School Board (hereafter “Kitzmiller) decision (see to download the full opinion). This response is adapted from an e-mail I sent out to a bunch […]

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Ancient Complex Mammal: ~164 Million Years Mesozoic mammals have been thought to have been small, nocturnal, and confined to a few niches on land until the demise of the dinosaurs 65 million years ago. Most are recorded by isolated jaw fragments or teeth. Ji et al. (p. 1123; see the cover and the Perspective by Martin) now describe a Jurassic […]

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Good Reading List from Dave Pierre

Dave Pierre, in blogging about the Los Angeles Times’ continual strawman bashing of ID, posts a great reading list at the bottom of the article. Questions About Intelligent Design What Intelligent Design Is—and Isn’t Primer: Intelligent Design Theory in a Nutshell The Science Behind Intelligent Design Theory Thanks Dave!

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Wesley Elsberry Says Liar liar pants on fire to OSC

Wesley Elsberry, when confronted with the following quote from the letter of the federal Office of Special Counsel to Rick Sternberg: Our investigation shows that NCSE is a political advocacy organization dedicated to defeating any introduction of ID, creationism or religion into the American education system. In fact, members of NCSE worked closely with SI […]

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Henry Morris’s Death

It’s with sadness I announce that Henry Morris died Saturday evening (2.25.06). Henry Morris was a great man, and all critics of Darwinian evolution are in his debt for maintaining pressure on this pseudoscience when so much of the Western world capitulated to it. As I wrote last year at this time (go here) in […]

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UK Guardian: Most of the next generation of medical and science students could well be creationists

ID is not the same as Creationism, however, it would be naive to say the following article has no bearing on the future of ID. I’m personally disappointed to hear some creationist students mingling religious ideas into their scientific views, but on the whole, this report can’t be happy news for Richard Dawkins. :=) Academics […]

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Darwin knocked off pedestal in high school textbook

Broward selects biology text with watered-down passages on evolution A review by the South Florida Sun-Sentinel found that on one edited page, Holt agreed to give Darwin less credit for shaping modern biology….. Previous editions of the textbook said Darwin’s theory “is the essence of biology.” In the Broward edition, students will read instead that […]

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Tolstoy’s Last Letter

[From a colleague:] Leo Tolstoy’s last completed letter, dictated from his sick-bed at the Astapovo train station on November 1, 1910 (six days before his death), and addressed to his son Seryozha and daughter Tanya, included a warning that Seryozha should not allow himself to be seduced by Darwinism. Here is the relevant passage: “The […]