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Christianity Today article placing creationism in opposition to ID

Christianity Today, Week of April 24 The Other ID Opponents Traditional creationists see Intelligent Design as an attack on the Bible. by Rob Moll | posted 04/25/2006 09:30 a.m. This week, Southern Baptist Theological Seminary named creationist Kurt P. Wise to replace outgoing Intelligent Design proponent William Dembski. The theological and scientific differences between Dembski […]

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Roger Ebert: Film Critic, Expert on Evolution, ID Basher, and Overall Supergenius …

… Or is Ebert just another clueless bonehead whose imagined expertise is in exact disproportion to his actual knowledge … Dr Dembski, Below is a letter to the editor from today’s Boulder Daily Camera ( regarding a panel discussion at the recent University of Colorado at Boulder’s annual Conference on World Affairs. Roger Ebert has […]

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IDEA co-founder disembowels Ken Miller’s strawman

If Miller ever makes an appearance in a public event to criticize ID, during the Q&A session, IDers should call him into account for why he misrepresented Michael Behe’s ideas under oath in Kitzmiller vs. Dover. Casey Luskin, IDEA co-founder and attorney at the Discovery Institute, exposed the misrepresentations which Miller used in the trial. […]

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The New Downtrodden

When they came for the creation scientists, I remained silent; I was not a creation scientist. When they locked up the abortion protesters, I remained silent; I was not an abortion protester. When they came for the intelligent design theorists, I did not speak out; I was not an intelligent design theorist. When they came […]

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Native Intelligence Metrics

Exercising a Native Intelligence Metric on an Autonomous On-Road Driving System The intelligence of artificial systems is well quantified by the amount of specified complexity inherent in the system representation, provided we have tools to measure it. Some may generally agree with this claim, but argue that it is simply intractable to successfully and accurately […]

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NeoDarwinian Evolution Explains EVERYTHING

No matter whether we find randomly composed, unoptimized structures or whether we find super-optimized digital genetic codes, NeoDarwinian Evolution did it! There’s nothing it can’t do! Oh hold it… why does the phrase “because it explains everything, it explains nothing” come to mind right now? Read more about the theory of everything here.