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The Shallowness of Bad Design Arguments

The existence of bad design, broken design, and cruelty in the world inspires some of the strongest arguments against the Intelligent Design of life and the universe. I consider the “bad design” argument the most formidable of the anti-ID arguments put forward, but in the end it is shallow and flawed. I will attempt to […]

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Update: Toronto earns a bar to poster child status (as does Petrushka) in a TSZ thread, with several others joining in and showing the habitual incivility and strawman tactics of too many design objectors

Sometimes UD commenter, NR has started a thread at TSZ, which addresses my new poster child of illogical conduct by objectors to design theory series. Unfortunately, the thread all too soon illustrates just why it is wise to cordon off sites that harbour abusive commentary as enablers of uncivil behaviour. And into the bargain, it […]

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He said it: Toronto of TSZ etc on abductive inference to best explanation in science

The illustration to the right is a Hertzprung-Russell diagram of two star clusters, and is used to infer ages for these clusters. How is that done? Stellar clusters are gravitationally bound and so the stars seem to be of the same general age and composition, also they are at about the same distance from us. […]

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On the Extended Dawkins Scales: I’m a Creationist First, a Christian Second

Continuing on with the wonderful Dawkins Festival at Uncommon Descent (UD), I would like to mention the Dawkins Spectrum of Theistic Probability. 1.Strong theist. 100 per cent probability of God. In the words of C.G. Jung: “I do not believe, I know.” 2.De facto theist. Very high probability but short of 100 per cent. “I […]

Natural selection

“So what is bad for the next generation may be good for our species in general.” In the above story, the combination of an empirical investigation of the here-and-now – what creationists like myself like to call “operational science” – together with speculative Darwinian faith, leads to this final take-home quote:  “The high rate of mutations is dangerous for the next generation but is generating diversity from which nature can […]