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Remembering Alfred Russel Wallace

This year marks the centenary of the death of Alfred Russel Wallace, sometimes portrayed as “Darwin’s goad”. However, as Andrew Berry argues, Wallace should be remembered as a “visionary scientist in his own right, a daring explorer and a passionate socialist”. He was awarded the Order of Merit, the highest honour that could be given […]

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20% of biology teachers in Pennsylvania are creationists

There was an interesting poll of biology teachers in Pennsylvania that were given the freedom to respond to more than one choice when given the opportunity to express belief in evolution, creation or ID. If evolution is defined as “change over time”, then even creationists and ID proponents could be said to believe in evolution. […]

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Creationists Characterized as Gloating over Vandalization of Evolution Center

Arsonists reportedly destroyed a well known Science Center in Naples Italy that promotes Evolutionism. From the pages of the Journal Nature: On the night of 4 March, unknown arsonists destroyed the famous City of Science centre in Naples. This shocking event has been publicly welcomed by some hard-line creationists in Italy, who disapprove of […]

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Evolutionist: Let’s Admit it, We Don’t Fully Understand How Evolution Works

Philip Ball’s opinion piece in this week’s Nature, the most popular science magazine in the world, is news not because he stated that we don’t fully understand how evolution works at the molecular level, but because he urged his fellow evolutionists to admit it. On this 60th anniversary of the discovery of the DNA double helix, Ball reviews […]

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FOR RECORD: AF’s insistent strawman misrepresentation tactics and false accusation of fraud (“CSI is a bogus concept so it would not figure in anyone’s calculations . . . “) exposed . . .

Sometimes, it is necessary to speak for record on rather unpleasant matters. This is one of them, in response to longtime objector AF’s willfully continued misrepresentations and false accusations. Accordingly, I clip 479 in the Oldies thread, with reference to my corrective at 459 and AF’s retort at 465 that compounds the misrepresentations and false […]

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John Kerry is All Wet

Secretary of State John Kerry said on April 22, 2013:  “The [climate change] science is screaming at all of us and demands action.” This chart is from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), with annotations by Steve McIntyre of Climate Audit.  It shows that the alarmists’ computer models (the blue line) do not match reality (the […]

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Design, Teleology and Omega Watches

The Omega watch company’s co-axial chronometer  is billed as the most precise mechanical device in the world.  In their video ad featured here, the images associate the intricate design of the cosmos with the design of the watch…a classic teleological argument.  The implication seems to be that the intricate, superb design of the watch is […]

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Chance Ratcliff’s video screen and the significance of search spaces

In a comment in the oldies thread on Sunday evening, Chance Ratcliff raised a very instructive case study  for a search space that is well worth being headlined. Let us adjust a bit on the calc of the config space, and reflect: _____________ CR, 111, Oldies: >> An illustration might be of some help. For […]