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Justifying Moral Interventions via Subjectivism (and an apology to RDFish)

First, I’d like apologize to RDFish for mistakenly attributing to him an argument others had made earlier in the “Moral Viewpoints Matter” thread, which I had argued against prior to RDFish entering the thread.  He never changed his position as I later asserted. Sorry, RDFish.  I also think my mistake led me to take RDfish’s […]

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On the reasonableness and importance of the inherently good Creator-God, a necessary and maximally great being

I keep getting pulled away from an intended post [– U/D, Feb 18 2015: cf here — ]  on FSCO/I  and that famous little round reel as an undeniably concrete case in point: I have to get around to it . . . Anyway, a couple of days ago, given some recent exchanges in and […]