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ID Foundations, 7: suppressed history — Alfred Russel Wallace’s Intelligent Evolution as a precursor to modern design theory

One of the saddest facets of the modern, unfortunately poisonously polarised debates over origins science, is the evident suppression (yes, suppressed: at top level, people are responsible to give a true, fair, balanced view of an important matter based on the due diligence of thorough and balanced research . . . ) of relevant history, such as Alfred Russel Wallace’s Intelligent Evolution.

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Matzke’s sidetrack: debating “Evolution” vs “Creationism” as a distraction from the core ID challenge — what is the empirically credible source of biological, functionally specific, complex organization/ information (FSCO/I)?

If you have been following UD over the past few days you will know Dr Nick Matzke, formerly Public Information Project Director of the US NCSE,  has intervened in Dr Cudworth’s thread on the question of evolutionary biology qualifications of leading objectors to design theory. As a result of this, in the end, even Dr Cudworth Read More…

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Is chance “real”? Can it “cause” anything? Can we investigate it “scientifically”?

From the days of Plato in The Laws, Bk X on, design thinkers have usually been inclined to think in terms of necessity, chance and choice when they analyse causal factors.  In recent days, though, the reality of chance and its proper definition have been challenged, and not just here at UD. A glance at Read More…

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What does Plato have to do with design theory and debates over origins views? (ANS: A lot.)

The above challenge has been thrown down, in rather intemperate language accompanied by more outing misbehaviour. It is revelatory on the depth of ignorance cultivated by the imposed dominance of evolutionary materialism via its cat’s paw, so-called methodological naturalism, in science education. First, as was pointed out in the post on Plato’s warning on the Read More…

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Plato’s warning (360 BC . . . yes, 2,350 years ago) on the inherent amorality, nihilism and ruthless factionalism rooted in evolutionary materialism

The worldview commonly described at UD as “Evolutionary Materialism” — roughly: the view that our cosmos from hydrogen to humans must be explained “scientifically” on matter and energy in space and time, evolving by forces of chance and necessity —  is nothing new. For, 2,350 years ago, Plato described it as a popular philosophy among Read More…

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How to calculate Chi_500, a log-reduced, simplified form of the Dembski Chi-metric for CSI

In response to onward use of the talking points that CSI is not calculable etc., I have updated the CSI Newsflash post of April 14, 2011, to explicitly incorporate the dummy variable for specificity, and by adding a 1,000 coin demonstration calculation to go with the already existing use of the Durston et al calculation Read More…

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Going Nuclear: Cyberstalking design advocates and their families – re: “Say hi to XXXXXXXXXX and the kids for me, you demented child abuser”

This attempt as headlined to implicitly “out” and threaten my wife and our children – not to mention (per the outrageous rhetoric of Mr Dawkins and fellow New Atheists) to try to falsely smear me as a child abuser for trying to raise my children in a Christian home – moves matters at and around Read More…

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Responding to Dr Liddle’s challenge as to whether science can study “the supernatural”

In Gil’s recent ANNOUNCEMENT thread, Dr Liddle has made a summary of her core challenge to design thinkers, at no 6: Science necessarily involves an a priori commitment to the proposition that natural causes are the reason for everything. It does not possess the methodology to discover any other kind of cause. What methodology would Read More…

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He said it: PZM on the tolerance of evolutionary materialist atheists

Since it is liable otherwise to be lost in the flood of distractive tangential comments,  I here headline my markup of PZM’s recent remarks on Dr Jonathan Wells. Pardon some fairly direct comments, but unless we specifically expose capital examples of what we are objecting to, the destructive misbehaviour will continue: [“They said it: Judge Read More…