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From a study of lungfish: An explanation of mermaids

From “Lungfish Provides Insight to Life On Land: ‘Humans Are Just Modified Fish’” ScienceDaily (October 7, 2011), we learn: “We examined the way the different fish species generated the muscles of their pelvic fins, which are the evolutionary forerunners of the hind limbs,” said Professor Currie, a developmental biologist. Currie and his team genetically engineered Read More…

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Wanted: Developmental biology postdoc. Your mission: produce a chicken-a-saurus

From Thomas Hayden, “How to Hatch a Dinosaur” (Wired September 26, 2011): Human beings are almost indistinguishable, genetically speaking, from chimpanzees, but at that scale we’re also pretty hard to tell apart from, say, bats. Yeah, it figures. Batman. Hints of long-extinct creatures, echoes of evolution past, occasionally emerge in real life—they’re called atavisms, rare Read More…