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In science, you can consistently get it wrong and still keep your job?

How’d that work out at a used car lot? In “Wrong Again: Planetologists Embarrassed” (Creation-Evolution Headlines, June 23, 2011), Dave Coppedge comments on getting it wrong about planets: In most careers, being wrong too often is grounds for dismissal. False prophets in ancient kingdoms were stoned or shamed out of town. Only in science, it […]

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Huh? Fellow claims no one cared about “Don’t need God” physicist Sean Carroll’s recent post …

Uh, they did care; response was pretty good. Post here (June 7, 2011). But, one “Larry Tanner” who self-describes as follows, “Larry Tanner” is my nom de blog. I am married, a father of three beautiful children, and enjoying life in New England. I work with robotic technologies, teach classes in English literature, and ghostwrite […]


Many worlds theory, many interpretations?

At Discover Magazine’s blog, “Cosmic Variance,” “Sean” asks “Are Many Worlds and the Multiverse the Same Idea?” (2011/05/26) , When physicists are asked about “parallel worlds” or ideas along those lines, they have to be careful to distinguish among different interpretations of that idea. There is the “multiverse” of inflationary cosmology, the “many worlds” or […]

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The Ice Hunters: Find a Kuiper Belt object while sitting at your computer,and maybe get to name it

At MSNBC’s “Cosmic Log,” Alan Boyle invites the audience to join a citizen science project to help identify future targets for a NASA interplanetary flyby — in this case, for the New Horizons mission to Pluto and beyond. – “Join the search for icy worlds,” (June 21, 2011) Right now, the New Horizons team’s top […]

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New book: “Strong hints” of a multiverse mean ours isn’t fine-tuned

As we noted earlier, in “Why the universe wasn’t fine-tuned for life” (New Scientist, 14 June 2011), Marcus Chown reports on physicist Victor Stenger’s “devastating demolition” of the argument that the laws of physics of our universe were “fine-tuned” to foster life, in The Fallacy of Fine-tuning: Even if some parameters turn out to be […]

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Can combining the multiverse with the “many worlds” theory save current cosmology?

In “When the multiverse and many-worlds collide” (New Scientist, 01 June 2011), Justin Mullins explains, Two of the strangest ideas in modern physics – that the cosmos constantly splits into parallel universes in which every conceivable outcome of every event happens, and the notion that our universe is part of a larger multiverse – have […]

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Warning: Before you “dismantle” fine-tuned universe, read directions

In “Why the universe wasn’t fine-tuned for life” (New Scientist, 08 June 2011), Marcus Chown tells us that Victor Stenger’s new The Fallacy of Fine-tuning “dismantles arguments that the laws of physics in our universe were ‘fine-tuned’ to foster life.”: If the force of gravity were a few per cent weaker, it would not squeeze […]


Could dark matter turn out to be WIMPS?

In “New Data Still Have Scientists in Dark Over Dark Matter,” (ScienceDaily, June 8, 2011), we learn: The new seasonal variation, recorded by the Coherent Germanium Neutrino Technology (CoGeNT) experiment, is exactly what theoreticians had predicted if dark matter turned out to be what physicists call Weakly Interacting Massive Particles (WIMPs).”We cannot call this a […]

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“No God Needed” CalTech physicist responds to Uncommon Descent’s questions

Recently, Uncommon Descent’s vjtorley posed seven questions to physicist Sean Carroll, Senior Research Associate in Physics at the California Institute of Technology. Carroll had written an article, “Does the Universe need God?” for The Blackwell Companion to Science and Christianity. Now Carroll has answered the questions, and given us permission to post his response here: […]


Has cosmic inflation collapsed?

In Scientific American (April 2011), Paul J. Steinhardt asks “The Inflation Debate: Is the theory at the heart of modern cosmology deeply flawed? (April 6, 2011) : Summary Cosmic inflation is so widely accepted that it is often taken as established fact. The idea is that the geometry and uniformity of the cosmos were established […]