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Under-sea floor life forms survive in water beyond boiling point

At ScienceDaily: The news follows an announcement in October that microbial diversity below the seafloor is as rich as on Earth’s surface. Researchers on that project from the Japan marine-earth science group, Bremen University, the University of Hyogo, University of Kochi and University of Rhode Island, discovered 40,000 different types of microorganisms from core samples from 40 sites around the globe…

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Sophisticated eyes from over 500 million years ago

Okay, but wait. Just because it would benefit a life form to have sophisticated eyes does not mean that it can just start growing them. That’s where Darwinism begins to shade into magic. There’s a missing factor here: How, exactly, were the prey life forms enabled to participate in the complex business of producing vision in response to the predator’s vision?

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“Identical evolution” of isolated groups of early vertebrates confirmed

The authors claim that their find proves the “theory of evolution.” It’s certainly strong evidence for a theory of evolution – but that theory would not be Darwin’s. It would be great to get some insight into how these built-in capacities for identical adaptation are carried from one generation to the next.

Evolution Intelligent Design

An animal has been discovered that does not need oxygen to live

Devolution, of which this is an example, may be more common than we suppose and will probably have precisely the effect of creating “exceptions” like this. Note that we are told, “they likely steal energy from their host using some type of proteins.” It makes sense that many devolved creatures are parasites. They can afford to throw away equipment if they are using the host’s toolbox anyway.