Attention Darwinpickets! Advance screening of Ben Stein’s controversial Expelled film at the Varsity theatre in Toronto

I have been invited to an advance screening of Expelled in Canada (the widely denounced #5 political documentary about the attempts to silence the intelligent design guys) on Thursday, June 26, at 7:00pm at The Varsity Theatre – 55 Bloor St. West in Toronto. The film opens the following Friday June 27 (or Saturday June […]

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The Expelled film: Straws in the wind, and other news

First straw flies past: The American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) is playing the “religion” card, of course: … the statement noted, more than 11,000 Christian leaders in the United States have signed a letter affirming that evolution does not conflict with religious faith. The United Church of Christ recently sent out a […]


Real Christians would not have made the Expelled film, right?

The essay by Jeffrey Schloss – excerpted in considerable part here – worriting about the “walls” the Expelled documentary is creating is a classic. Real Christians, presumably, wouldn’t demand an accounting about the rapidly growing evidence against Darwinism and other materialist isms. And real Christians wouldn’t make a film about the people who get Expelled for doing so. […]

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Nancy Pearcey at Beyond Expelled

At the Beyond Expelled worldview conference, Nancy Pearcey explored the impact of evolution vs ID. She describes skeptic Michael Shermer’s conversion to evolution & Scarlett Johansson’s acting on belief in evolution. —————- The intelligent design of life Nancy Pearcey tells crowd that Darwinism has evolved into more than just a theory (with VIDEO) Rachel Kyler, […]

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Ben Stein’s Dangerous Idea

Robert Meyer provides thought provoking insight into the major issues surrounding Expelled. ————————————- Ben Stein’s Dangerous Idea Robert Meyer, May 6, 2008, New Media Alliance – Robert E. Meyer Ben Stein has a dangerous idea. His idea is that professors and teachers who express skepticism about Darwinism are likely to find themselves not granted tenure, […]

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Great Deal on Three ID DVDs

This just in from a contact at Campus Crusade: Three documentaries on DVD, perfect for an ID collection, are now available for just $29.95 -– about $10 per DVD: Campuscrusade.com/8110E The three documentaries are: The Case for a Creator by Lee Strobel Unlocking the Mystery of Life The Privileged Planet The Privileged Planet was, of […]


Baylor Prez Spins Expelled Worries: The God of the Bible is the God of the genome … but not of the Evolutionary Informatics Lab

Taking a break from “Imagining” no heaven, no hell, no Yoko Ono, and no delay till the Expelled DVD comes out, I note where John Lilley, Baylor’s president, has seen fit to defend his institution in the light of the unflattering portrait in Expelled. Except he doesn’t exactly. In the form letter – apparently written […]


Imagine Yoko Ono Shutting Down Showings of Expelled?

So far it is imaginary. Ono is seeking at least $75,000 in damages and injunctive relief. (Her case turns on the use of some lines from her late husband John Lennon’s ”Imagine”*. ) On April 30, 2008, a New York-based United States judge, Sidney Stein, enjoined “further distribution” of Expelled until Yoko Ono’s lawsuit for […]