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Discovery Institute Welcomes Pope’s Embrace of “Intelligent Project” Seattle – Discovery Institute president Bruce Chapman hailed an impromptu statement Wednesday by Pope Benedict XVI embracing the “intelligent project” that lies behind nature. “Fooled by atheism,” the Pope said, many people today “think, and try to demonstrate, that everything is without direction and order…”

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What Counts as a Plausible Scientific Theory?

[From a colleague:] The way a scientific theory gets empirically established is not by showing that the evidence requires that precise theory. That is an impossible task–there are always infinitely many theories that fit the data. Rather, it gets established through showing that the evidence discredits the main alternative theories but does not discredit this Read More…

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School Board Change in Dover

Pennsylvania Voters Oust School Board That Backed Intelligent Design 11-09-2005 12:39 AM By MARTHA RAFFAELE, Associated Press Writer DOVER, Pa. — Voters came down hard Tuesday on school board members who backed a statement on intelligent design being read in biology class, ousting eight Republicans and replacing them with Democrats who want the concept stripped Read More…

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American Museum of Natural History — Cruisin for a Bruisin

An Evolutionist’s Evolution By GLENN COLLINS, NYTimes, 7Nov05 It may seem that the American Museum of Natural History is cruising for controversy in presenting “Darwin,” the most comprehensive exhibition any museum has offered on the naturalist’s life and theories. It is a time, after all, when the theory of evolution by natural selection seems as Read More…

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Cornell Panel Discussion on President Rawlings’s State of the University Address

CORNELL UNIVERSITY CHRISTIAN FACULTY/STAFF FORUM THIS WEEK AT CORNELL: Intelligent Design, Intelligent Discourse: Reflections on the State of the University Address A Panel discussion Friday, November 4, 2:30pm – 4:00 pm Anabel Taylor Hall Auditorium In his recent State of the University address, Cornell President Hunter Rawlings discussed at length “the challenge to science posed Read More…