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ID in Colombia

The well-known Colombian journalist Daniel Samper wrote an article about ID for the most important Colombian newspaper a few weeks back. According to Daniel Andrés, the article says the usual things against ID and it’s clear that the journalist has not read anything about it except what other newspapers say. Daniel Andrés responded in his […]

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Okay, ID may be taught — But you don’t get to teach it!

The latest edition of Jeffrey Bennett et al’s astronomy textbook The Cosmic Perspective (4th edition) is now out. Sure enough, “intelligent design” is in the index. Indeed, it gets a full page treatment (p. 714). Below is the scan of that page. Does this text provides a fair representation of ID? Hardly. It appears now […]

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Biomimetics — A Subdiscipline of ID

As you read the extract below, ask yourself the following: (1) Why does biology hand us technical devices that human design engineers drool over? (2) Why don’t we ever see natural selection or any other unintelligent evolutionary mechanisms produce such systems? (3) Why don’t we have any plausible detailed step-by-step models for how such evolutionary […]

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“The Intelligent Hacker” Behind the Universe

Science 2 December 2005: Vol. 310. no. 5753, p. 1421 DOI: 10.1126/science.310.5753.1421b Founder’s Message Combing through cosmic radiation could reveal a message from the universe’s creator, if it has one, say two physicists. According to theory, anyone could make a universe by squashing a lump of matter violently enough to replicate the big bang. And […]

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“Orthodox Jews in S. Florida join debate on evolution vs. intelligent design”

Orthodox Jews in S. Florida join debate on evolution vs. intelligent design By James D. Davis Religion Editor December 12, 2005,0,3441548.story?coll=sfla-news-broward Evangelical Christians aren’t the only ones making evolution and intelligent design a cause célèbre: Leading Orthodox Jews have the topic in their sights as well — some of them gathering for a three-day […]