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Canadian Federal Agency Does ID Right

McGill University’s Professor Brian Alters proposed a study entitled “Detrimental effects of popularizing anti-evolution’s intelligent design theory on Canadian students, teachers, parents, administrators and policymakers”. His request for funding to the Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council, a Canadian federal agency, was denied in no uncertain terms: In denying his request, the research council’s peer-review Read More…

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FBI Interviewing Pianka Today 4/5/06

Austin Newspaper Reports Professor’s population speeches unnerve some He says he’s issuing warning, but others see talk of pandemics as a threat. By Laura Heinauer AMERICAN-STATESMAN STAFF Wednesday, April 05, 2006 Pianka, who calls the latter interpretation nonsense, says the whole thing has blown out of proportion. Many, however, seem to be taking his critics Read More…

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“We need to plan our collapse rather than just let it happen to us.” –Eric Pianka

The scientific establishment is closing ranks and now portraying Pianka as a benefactor of humanity despite his recommendation that 90% of humans be eliminated by airborne Ebola (see previous entries about Pianka on this blog). For an example of the spin, look here: Interestingly, a video interview with Pianka that is available at that Read More…

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Pianka’s Prediction

While reading about Pianka I noticed one statement related to Intelligent Design that has been overlooked amidst the furor: “Although [Ebola Zaire] Kills 9 out of 10 people, outbreaks have so far been unable to become epidemics because they are currently spread only by direct physical contact with infected blood. However, a closely-related virus that Read More…

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Irreducible Complexity Redux?

When scientists have to continually look to nature to figure out how to do things well, doesn’t it become apparent at some point that we’re dealing with embodied intelligence? Here’s just the latest edition: The propulsion system used by slime-squirting bacteria could teach rocket scientists and nano-engineers some new tricks. Myxobacteria are micrometre-scale filament-shaped organisms Read More…

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All Scientists Say “X!” Yawn.

Check our George Will’s column today,, where he recounts the “global cooling” hysteria of the early 70’s. Here’s a quote: “While worrying about Montana’s receding glaciers, [Montana Governor] Schweitzer, who is 50, should also worry about the fact that when he was 20 he was told to be worried, very worried, about global cooling.

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Eric Pianka: The Department of Homeland Security needs to interview you

I blogged yesterday about UTAustin professor Eric Pianka (aka “Dr. Doom”) and his advocacy of killing 90% of the world’s human population with airborne Ebola. Could Pianka be charged with terrorism/conspiracy to commit a terrorist act? What happens if a student actually takes his suggestion to heart and kills a bunch of people? Why shouldn’t Read More…

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Would “Dr. Doom” be conceivable apart from evolutionary theory?

Tonight, THE CITIZEN SCIENTIST has posted online “Meeting Dr. Doom,” Forrest Mims’s first-person account of an astonishing speech by Prof. Eric R. Pianka of the University of Texas. Pianka was recently named the 2006 Distinguished Texas Scientist at the annual meeting of the Texas Academy of Science. Mims is an active member of the Academy Read More…