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At Mind Matters News: Single neurons perform complex math — even in fruit flies

The fly’s specialized neurons either multiply or divide incoming signals in order to pinpoint the location of a sound or the direction of movement. How likely is this to happen without any intelligence behind nature at all? Read More ›

Human neurons are strangely more efficient than animal ones

In the most extensive study of its kind, nine other [than human] mammals were studied. Larger mammals have larger neurons. And in every case but one, they found that “as the size of neurons increases, the density of channels found in the neurons also increases.” Except in humans, it was the reverse. Read More ›

Researchers: Human neurons mature more slowly than those of chimpanzees and macaques

Interesting but not really a surprise because humans mature more slowly generally and live longer. No big news here that accounts for human uniqueness. Read More ›

Are there “dark” neurons in the brain left over from a “Jurassic Park” past?

Notice that the neurons aren’t being called “junk neurons,” as in the exploded concept of vast libraries of “junk DNA.” Quite the contrary, they are given the somewhat glamorous cachet of “dark" neurons, as in “dark matter.” Perhaps something has been learned from the collapse of the concept of “junk DNA.” Read More ›