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2018 AI Hype Countdown 5: Robert J. Marks on the claim, AI Can Fight Hate Speech!

AI help, not hype, with Robert J. Marks: AI can carry out its programmers’ biases and that’s all: Some people may be under the illusion that AI detection of hate speech will be disinterested and fair. After all, the assessment is being done by a computer, which has no ideology or political leanings. An added […]

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2018 AI Hype Countdown 6: Robert J. Marks on the claim, AI Can Even Find Loopholes in the Code!

AI adopts a solution in an allowed set, maybe not the one you expected:. In the same paper in which researchers purported to find examples of AI creativity, we also read the following statement about problems with performance: “Exacerbating the issue, it is often functionally simpler for evolution to exploit loopholes in the quantitative measure […]

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Robert Marks Talks Computers with Michael Medved

Robert J. Marks is one of the authors of Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics, with design theorist William Dembski and Winston Ewert. There’s little danger, he thinks, in computers ruling us but considerable danger that we can use them to magnify the impact of our errors. More. Here’s the podcast. See also: Human consciousness may not […]

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AI That Can Read Minds? Deconstructing AI Hype

From computer engineering prof Robert J. Marks at Mind Matters Today: Fake and misleading AI news is everywhere today. Here’s an example I  ran across recently: A  headline from a large-circulation daily’s  web page screams: “No more secrets! New mind-reading machine can translate your thoughts and display them as text INSTANTLY!” Not just “instantly,” notice, but […]