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Nancy Pearcey on Richard Dawkins’ new children’s book

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We’re hearing good things about culture critic Nancy Pearcey’s interview with Frank Pastore at KKLA radio in Los Angeles, on Dawkins’ children’s book, The Magic of Reality. Here’s the first part, where she comes on at about 28 minutes.

Here’s our interview with Pearcey on her own recent book, Saving Leonardo.

Also, here’s Steve Fuller on Dawkins’s book.

Note:: We covered Dawkins’s recent BBC interview (= free advertorial) on the book here, which resulted in this sharp complaint from a genuine smart person, and this hilarious followup with a BBC ‘crat.

Something is “supposed to be done” about it, but sources here are skeptical. Increasingly, in modern culture, it’s okay with the fight club if the champ won’t (and probably can’t) defend his title, and the Public Intellectual can simply trash the beliefs of others on tax-funded TV, like a “last round, mates!” drunk. No dissonance is experienced, no discordant note struck.

Pearcey could explain why better than we could.

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I listen to Frank Pastore on KKLA radio every day during my commute home from work, and caught the Pearcey interview. She is a first-rate intellect and apologist, in the same league as C.S. Lewis and Francis Schaeffer, in my opinion. Secular media are universally so vacuous that I prefer listening to something with substance. In the absence of something like a Pearcey interview, I listen to classical music CDs in my car. Today I listened to Isaac Stern playing the Mendelssohn and Tchaikovsky violin concerti. I have some reservations about how Dawkins's selfish genes could produce such inspirational and beautiful art, but he assures me that science has it all figured out, so who am I to doubt his obviously superior intellect, wisdom and insight? GilDodgen

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