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The Warfare Thesis and BioLogos

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Today professor Ted Davis, historian and Fellow at the BioLogos Foundation, explainswhy BioLogos does not promote the Warfare Thesis. Davis explains that just because the Warfare Thesis (the claim that Christianity often conflicts with and opposes scientific advances) is wrong doesn’t mean there aren’t real conflicts here and there. Davis points to geocentrism and the young-earth beliefs as examples of legitimate conflicts between religion and science. Davis’ point is that while the overarching model of Warfare between religion and science is flawed, there certainly are particular conflicts. So while we need to clarify the failure of the Warfare Thesis, we must not over compensate. We must not reject any and all conflicts as unreal:  Read more

2 Replies to “The Warfare Thesis and BioLogos

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    Mapou says:

    If there is a conflict between science and religion, they forgot to tell Isaac Newton the news. Surely this war did not prevent Christian creationist, Sir Isaac, from becoming the father of modern physics and the co-inventor of calculus. Newton believed that studying physics was akin to discovering the mind of God.

    Newton: “War? What war?”

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    Mung says:

    The war came after Newton, and he was a principle cause of it.

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