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Two views of Ben Shapiro’s interview with Steve Meyer

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Steve Meyer is the author of Signature in the Cell and Darwin’s Doubt. It’s nice to see someone actuallylistening, for once, about what’s wrong with Darwinism:

Why might it be the best? Partly because of the long video format — a full hour (with a provocative final question for Steve that you need to subscribe to The Daily Wire to see), and very well produced. Partly because Shapiro has done his homework. He knows the common challenges to intelligent design and poses them very articulately, and he’s obviously absorbed Meyer’s books, especially Darwin’s Doubt and Signature in the Cell, as well other material on ID. That is more than you can say for some scientists and journalists I’m thinking of right now. David Klinghoffer, “Ben Shapiro May Have Done the Best Interview with Stephen Meyer That I’ve Seen” at Evolution News and Science Today

“Journalists?” In recent years, people have grown a little tired of the elite broadcast swamp stinking up the place with their obsessive refusals to sense reality when it is smacking them in the face.

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Earth to Airstrip One Productions, Inc.: Your ratings are plunging. The future belongs to people who wonder about the same things other people do, not about the things you do.

And as for “scientists,” some of us are waiting to see whether they will just genuflect before the war on science and the war on math. The fact that top science types are really concerned about the US federal government tying cash coerced from the taxpayer to intellectual freedom on campus is not a good sign.

Meanwhile, a critic, French-Canadian neuroscientist Jean-Francois Gariépy, who is claimed by some to be an alt right figure (but that’s disputed), has made his own vid, at The Public Space reviewing/attacking Shapiro’s interview with Meyer:

“Intelligent Design Continues To Be Wrong | TPS #360″ begins around 15:40.

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See also: Philosopher of science Steve Meyer will be on Ben Shapiro’s show Sunday The Twitterati are enraged as usual, this time about “bunk science.”


New US free speech policy miffs boffins at Nature The universities are “spooked by” Trump, are they? Well, they brought him on themselves. They could have listened before, when someone nicer than he is was telling them.

5 Replies to “Two views of Ben Shapiro’s interview with Steve Meyer

  1. 1
    bill cole says:

    This guy clearly does not understand the design argument and the issues that drive it. He is not alone among the great pseudo intellects in our society.

  2. 2
    ScuzzaMan says:

    JFG is certainly not “an alt-right figure”. And as a biologist he’s a massive math failure. Vox Day, the doyen of the alt-right, easily exposed JFG’s woeful lack of basic math skills. Twice. He’s the classic example of why the hard sciences continue to look askance at biology as the refuge of those with an interest in science but lacking the ability or rigor to deal with its requirements.

  3. 3
    ET says:

    Bill Cole- I see that you are being badgered over on Peaceful Science. Why don’t you just ask them about the testable hypotheses and predictions borne from evolution by means of blind, mindless and purposeless processes?

    The point is they don’t even have a mechanism capable of producing the organisms that left the fossils behind. They have no way of testing the claim that said fauna arose spontaneously, via contingent serendipity.

    If they refuse to give you something to compare ID to then yours is a futile gesture.

  4. 4
    PeterA says:

    RE: TPS #360? begins around 15:40.
    Bill Cole @1: Spot on. Thanks.

  5. 5
    PeterA says:


    “the hard sciences continue to look askance at biology as the refuge of those with an interest in science but lacking the ability or rigor to deal with its requirements.”

    Perhaps in a way ID could make biology be seen as a serious science by filtering out the Darwinian macroevolutionary nonsense?

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