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Yes, there IS an Old Earth Creation Museum!


The Babylon Bee | Your Trusted Source For Christian News Satire.The breathless Babylon Bee, reporting:

LOS ANGELES, CA—A posting on a local old-earth creation museum’s website and front door confirmed Monday that the establishment is now open six billion years a week.

The posting stated that the Center For Old-Earth Research would be open to the public for six “ages” or “eons” every week, Monday through Saturday. “Old Earth Creation Museum Now Open Six Billion Years A Week” at Babylon Bee

Note: See Facebook Apologizes For Threatening To Censor Christian Satire Site Flagged As Fake News “Facebook is now saying its decision to go after the Christian satire site, The Babylon Bee because Snopes told them to was a mistake. Their apology doesn’t change the social network’s creepy comfortability with censorship. ” (Bre Payton) The offence?

The Babylon Bee set off Facebook’s alarm bells by publishing a satirical piece stating that CNN had purchased an “industrial-size washing machine to spin news before publication.” This is obviously a joke and is clearly marked satire and is published on a site entirely devoted to satire. But the uptight jerks over at Snopes decided to fact check the Bee’s claim, to ensure that no one actually thought that CNN “made a significant investment in heavy machinery.” Uh, okay. Thanks, Snopes! Would’ve totally fallen for that one!

It’s not just that our would-be minders think we are evil. They also think we are stupid. Do whatever you can to make that their biggest mistake.

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