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Critical Race Theory

Is a Darwinian evolutionary biologist waking up to the world in which he is living?

Jerry Coyne: "It would be the ruination of American society, turning into an Orwellian nightmare." Fact is, Darwin's people imposed this on the rest of us for a long time. It's good if they are beginning to see, however dimly, the problem. Read More ›

But the war IS actually on logic … and that’s the point

John West: "Reading the rest of her article I realized she simply didn’t know how to frame a proper comparison. She actually was attempting to malign those who support intelligent design, not those who tried to create panic over it. Apparently neither she nor her editor is particularly good with logic." But that’s the point. The whole enterprise is a war on logic. It's like the war on math and the war on science. And there is a sophisticated public for that now. Read More ›