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John West

Nigerian pastor on Darwin’s legacy in Africa

Olufemi Oluniyi, was writing a book on the inmpact of Social Darwinism in Nigeria and he managed to send his manuscript to the Discovery Institute before his death from COVID in 2021. Read More ›

John West on C. S. Lewis and science

Klinghoffer: Dr. West reminds listeners of an insight of Lewis’s that doesn’t get the attention it deserves, perhaps because it comes in the Epilogue of the last book Lewis completed, the fascinating The Discarded Image. Read More ›

What “Trust the Science” does with massive amounts of data: Withholds it!

West goes on to point out other instances. The big question is, has secretiveness, deception, and a resulting hunger for authoritarian rule based on “science” has become a way of life in the upper echelons of a high-tech society? And then the biggest questions looms: What to do about it? At one time, it was just Darwin gibber in the schools and such-like stuff. Now it is getting more serious. Read More ›

John West explains why Discovery Institute will start speaking up about science totalitarianism around COVID

COVID-19 has been used as the rationale for an extraordinary expansion of government power in the name of science... COVID has shown government officials how to do an end-run around the normal system of checks and balances. They simply need to invoke “science” and declare an emergency — and then extend their emergency orders time and again. Read More ›

John West on C.S. Lewis (who was not really a “theistic evolutionist” as the term is understood today)

West: "Indeed, [Ken] Miller insists that 'mankind’s appearance on this planet was not preordained, that we are here… as an afterthought, a minor detail, a happenstance in a history that might just as well have left us out.'" Needless to say, Lewis did not subscribe to anything similar to this and might not have recognized it as Christian. Read More ›

John West tries once again to get YouTube to accept a documentary about scientific racism

West: My documentary only tells one part of the story of racism, and it also only tells a part of the story of the influence of Social Darwinism on Western imperialism, which certainly extended to other nations besides Germany. Yet I hope my revised film will add something to the current conversation. Read More ›

But the war IS actually on logic … and that’s the point

John West: "Reading the rest of her article I realized she simply didn’t know how to frame a proper comparison. She actually was attempting to malign those who support intelligent design, not those who tried to create panic over it. Apparently neither she nor her editor is particularly good with logic." But that’s the point. The whole enterprise is a war on logic. It's like the war on math and the war on science. And there is a sophisticated public for that now. Read More ›

John West: Science and scientism in the Age of COVID

David Klinghoffer: As Dr. West explains, for all the blessings of science, there are problems with saying, as some literally have done, “In Fauci we trust.” Read More ›

CS Lewis, COVID-19, and scientism

"Seventy-five years ago, C.S. Lewis published his novel ”That Hideous Strength,” which explored the dangers of government in the name of science. What relevance does Lewis's advice on the promise and perils of science-based public policy have in the age of COVID-19 and beyond? " Read More ›

Apologies for displaying an African man in a Bronx Zoo monkey house conveniently leave out the Darwinian motivation

David Klinghoffer: The truth is that placing a man in the Monkey House was intended as an education for the public in Darwinian evolution. As John West has said, Ota Benga was “only one of thousands of indigenous peoples who were put on display in America in the name of Darwinian evolution.” Read More ›

Does Darwinism help produce anarchic nihilism?

A vid, less than three minutes, by John West, presents some evidence. From David Klinghoffer: But see how much nihilism has been justified and advocated by some very smart and influential people in the name of evolutionary theory. Read More ›