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Eugene Koonin

New! Speakers/topics for the Linnean Society’s meeting on teleonomy vs. teleology, May 28 and 29 online

Come to think of it, how come every life form avoids or flees predators but life as a whole is not supposed to show any sense of purpose? Um... Can we TALK about this? Read More ›

At Oscillations: Suzan Mazur wonders what’s got into Eugene Koonin and Dieter Braun

Readers may recall Eugene Koonin as not particularly a Darwinian. As of 2018, Dieter Braun was more ambivalent. But Mazur notes that something has changed. Is it some light they have seen or has someone warned them to be more submissive? Read More ›

Kirk Durston: What do we do when Darwinism looks less like science all the time?

Craig Venter: All living cells that we know of on this planet are “DNA software”-driven biological machines, comprised of hundreds of thousands of protein robots, coded for by the DNA. Read More ›