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teleonomy vs. teleology

At Oscillations: Information on the Linnean Society Virtual Meeting (June 28–29)

Oscillations is science writer Suzan Mazur’s blog. Mazur draws attention to the Linnean Society’s virtual conference, Evolution ‘On Purpose’: Teleonomy in Living Systems: “Living systems exhibit an internal teleology, the full implications of which have not been explored. This meeting will address various aspects of this phenomenon, including its scope and meaning, and its many forms and facets.” Read More ›

New! Speakers/topics for the Linnean Society’s meeting on teleonomy vs. teleology, May 28 and 29 online

Come to think of it, how come every life form avoids or flees predators but life as a whole is not supposed to show any sense of purpose? Um... Can we TALK about this? Read More ›

Linnean Society is sponsoring a meeting on teleonomy in living systems 28th – 29th June 2021

Linneans: "Although it is now widely accepted that living systems exhibit an internal teleology, or teleonomy, the full implications of this distinctive biological property have yet to be explored." Are the Linneans trying to come to grips with design in nature within a framework they can handle? Read More ›