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Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell (book)

Researchers: A form of Darwinism preceded and enabled the origin of life

Those of us who are already skeptical of the immense role Darwinism is supposed to play after life already exists will find this prebiotic Darwinism hard to swallow. But reader Eric Anderson writes to assure us that that is in fact what origin of life researchers really do believe. Question: If it’s that simple, why isn’t life coming into existence from non-life all the time? As opposed to, say, never? Read More ›

If the universe could only be infinitely old and causeless…

… all kinds of Darwinian flapdoodle might make sense. Or at least Darwinians could stall skeptics more easily. All kinds of other flapdoodle would make sense too. The trouble is, the universe isn’t infinitely old. Read More ›

Excerpt from new ID book: Evolution and Intelligent Design in a Nutshell

Anderson: To my surprise, Dawkins responded rather glibly that we have a pretty good idea how life started. Yes, there are some challenges, he acknowledged, but... Read More ›