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George Gilder

Futurist George Gilder: Humans don’t treat physical and chemical forces or clock pulses the way computers do

As one of the fundamental dimensions of the universe, time doubtless has a regular flow. But people stuck behind a flock of Canada geese crossing a road don’t experience time in the same way as people rushing to complete a report in time for the Big Board Meeting in two hours. Read More ›

Because nature is full of intelligence, the more we learn, even about a worm, the less we “know”

Gilder on a researcher friend: "the more he learned about the brain of a nematode, the less he felt he knew… And the oceans of reality lay still far beyond his reach and beyond his ken." Read More ›

If we need AlphaFold to figure out protein folding, how likely is protein folding to be a product of mere chance?

We are told by many philosophers that life came to exist on Earth purely by chance. How likely is that, given the intricacy of the machinery that governs our bodies, such that someone needs to design AlphaFold to figure it out? Read More ›

Google is doomed because it doesn’t get information theory

That’s tech philosopher George Gilder’s view: Last month, World News Daily did a three-part interview with George Gilder on the publication of Life after Google: The Fall of Big Data and the Rise of the Blockchain Economy, which unpacks some of the book’s main ideas: Part One: “Reagan guru, predictor of iPhone foresees new web revolution” In 1981, his bestselling “Wealth and Poverty” provided a blueprint for the economic revolution led by Ronald Reagan, who cited him more than any other living author. In the 1994 version of his book “Life After Television,” he predicted the digital world in which we now live and the invention of the smartphone that now dominates daily life. And long before the iPhone was introduced Read More ›