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Google’s COVID vaccine info purge: The point many people seem to miss

The bottom line is that censorship in these matters leads inevitably to huge, endemic corruption. People who have something to hide make use of censorship rules for silencing opponents. People who know what is going wrong are stifled. After a while, the rot runs so deep, it cannot be excised and the information stock simply decays. Of course, English is assuming here that every alarm raised about vaccines is unjustifiable. Given how quickly so many anti-COVID-19 jabs were rushed onto the market, we would be awfully lucky if not a single one of them was a cure worse than the disease for many recipients. Maybe we are just that lucky this time out. But if we are not, we should want to know about it. Read More ›

ID-related posts deleted from friendly Facebook pages as spam

I (O’Leary for News) just discovered this fact because, acting on a tip, I was trying to find out whether mine was one of the millions of recently hacked accounts. I haven’t found that out yet but here is a list of posts Facebook removed from various groups’ Facebook pages as spam: Sociologist Steve Fuller: How ID Foxes Can Beat the Darwinian Lions Fuller clearly finds the ID foxes more interesting and sympathetic figures than the Darwinian lions: “The lion rules by focused shows of force, as opposed to the fox’s diverse displays of cunning.” [We removed this post because it looks like spam and doesn’t follow our Community Standards. CLOSED] [From Evolution News, removed from Sanctuary, ID Consistent with the Read More ›