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Inference Review

Standard Model doubted at Inference Review

In the cosmic microwave background frame, the large-scale averaged distribution of matter is also assumed to be isotropic… These assumptions are no longer tenable. Several independent data sets now argue against the existence of a cosmic rest frame. Read More ›

Origin of life dustup: Once again, we discover why we love Inference Review

A genuine discussion between Helen Hansma and Brian Miller in the Letters Section about whether mica sheets made a difference. A refuge for serious dialogue. No pussyhats. No political endorsements. Read More ›

Have quantum physics’ problems been disgracefully swept under the carpet?

Possibly, but maybe it’s inherently fuzzy. Meanwhile, an update on Adam Becker’s attack on Inference Review as an ID-friendly rag; Peter Woit and Sabine Hossenfelder weigh in. Read More ›