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Jonathan McLatchie

ENCODE foe Dan Graur isn’t sure if Jesus existed

Wow. Dr. Graur should get out more. Only crackpots argue that Jesus did not exist... There is less evidence for the existence of Socrates but no one gets all skeptical about him. Interesting responses. Read More ›

Michael Flannery on non-Darwinian discoverer of the Archaea, Carl Woese

Woese as "scarred revolutionary"? He had to fight hard to get the Archaea, the third kingdom of life, accepted. He regretted that he had not succeeded in overthrowing “the hegemony of the culture of Darwin.” Read More ›

Jonathan McLatchie: What about Carl Sagan’s claim about “extraordinary evidence?”

McLatchie: The problem with the word “extraordinary” here is that it is rarely clearly defined. The mantra that I would adopt instead is that all claims require sufficient evidence. Read More ›

Jonathan McLatchie has a new website

Here: Featuring articles like “The secular vs. sacred distinction: Is it valid? I believe the distinction between the secular and the sacred to be a valid one, although they do to an extent overlap and it is a mistake to draw a sharp dichotomy between the two spheres. Unfortunately, our culture and even the church has been conditioned to view these two spheres as being mutually exclusive. Furthermore, in the United States, which has a constitutionalized separation of church and state, the secular and sacred are routinely pitted against one another in the public square.

Peter Atkins vs Jonathan McLatchie debate: “Is there a God?”

A friend writes to comment on Atkins’s “smarmy condescension.” Indeed. In an age when serious scientists wonder whether the universe itself is conscious—because they cannot otherwise account for intelligence in nature— it’s not clear what smarmy condescension would achieve. Read More ›

Webinar: Jonathan McLatchie interviews Joshua Swamidass

On Michael Behe’s new book, Darwin Devolves. Join here. Just a friendly reminder about the webinar I am hosting later today with Joshua Swamidass to discuss Behe’s new book [which Swamidass attacked in Science]. You are welcome to participate anonymously if you want — questions can even be submitted anonymously. We kick off at 3pm Eastern / 2pm Central / 12noon Pacific. That’s 7pm here in the UK due to the U.S. being on daylight savings time now. – Jonathan McLatchie Time zones. Follow UD News at Twitter! See also: Swamidass Et Al’s Hit Review At Science On Behe’s Forthcoming Darwin Devolves “Borders On Fraud” Swamidass Distances Himself From Christian Evolution Group Protein families are still improbably astonishing – retraction Read More ›

Winston Ewert on his dependency graph model of the relationship of life forms

Programmer Winston Ewert has developed a dependency graph, as an alternative to the Darwinian “tree of life,” to understand relationships among life forms. Here he discusses it with Jonathan McLatchie: Dr. Winston Ewert … proposes an alternative model to common descent to explain the hierarchical classification of life. Based on his paper published in Bio-Complexity, available here. Note: Winston Ewert, who works at the Evolutionary Informatics Lab, is an author of Introduction to Evolutionary Informatics See also: Evolutionary informatics: A simplified explanation of Winston Ewert’s dependency graph and New “fixed” bacterial Tree of Life looks like a cityscape seen from below