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Joshua Swamidass

Swamidass, Rana, and Ross debate origins

That’s right, Joshua Swamidass of Washington University and Peaceful Science, Fuz Rana of Reasons to Believe, and Marcus Ross of Liberty University. Essentially, theistic evolution vs. old Earth creationism, vs. young Earth creationism. A chance to find out from spokesmen, not Twitter, what people really think. Read More ›

Will Joshua Swamidass have the floor at Uncommon Descent?

We will print, at Uncommon Descent, whatever Dr. Swamidass wishes to say further on this interesting topic of disappearing articles. We’d also be happy to hear him address how he thinks Dr. Axe has misrepresented him. Hey, we’re listening. Read More ›

Douglas Axe vs Joshua Swamidass…

Axe: First and foremost, Swamidass dislikes the “confrontational approach” that he thinks I promote and exemplify, along with other ID proponents. In his words: “Doug Axe in Undeniable and also in the recent Crossway book on theistic evolution talks about how there’s a need to have a confrontational approach to evolutionary science.” Swamidass must be feeling threatened. Read More ›

Gunter Bechly vs. Joshua Swamidass at Justin Brierley’s Unbelievable show

Dr Gunter Bechly is a palaeontologist who became convinced that Darwinian evolution cannot explain the fossil record. He debates Intelligent Design with computational biologist Dr Joshua Swamidass who affirms an evolutionary account. Read More ›

Michael Egnor reflects on Joshua Swamidass’s proposal for effectively canceling Christian colleges

Egnor: "Notably, Swamidass completely leaves out the one criterion that is the cornerstone of accreditation of educational institutions: outcome metrics... don’t know (and Swamidass has nothing to say about it) how students from Christian colleges compare, but is it well established that homeschooled kids (who are disproportionately taught by conservative Christian families) score almost 100 points higher on the SAT and score correspondingly higher on the ACT than the national average." Okay, but no one sponsoring the war on math is concerned about outcomes because educators have the power to jimmy marks to reward whatever they want to reward and then pass the problem on to others who must then do the same. Read More ›

Bob Jones University prez fires back at Swamidass re doxxing creationists

Prez Pettit: "BJU students regularly score above the 90th percentile on the Medical College Admission Test ..." But that’s just the problem, Steve. They can’t get your students on lack of competence so they have to engage in covert viewpoint discrimination. Swamidass is suggesting a means of proceeding along those lines. Read More ›

Josh Swamidass on the need to single out and punish creationists

One key effect of Cancel Culture is the elimination of competition by citing grounds that are irrelevant to performance. As Klinghoffer puts it, employers “will wish to know if they are about to take aboard a creationist in a science-related field. For example, a pediatric nurse oncologist, caring for little kids with cancer, while believing that the world is under 10,000 years old.” Someone with “Correct” views on the age of Earth will be deemed more acceptable even with fewer gifts in pediatric nursing. It’s a recipe for Virtuous underperformance. Read More ›

How one medic moved from theistic evolution to intelligent design

Strandness: Richard Dawkins famously said that Charles Darwin made it possible for him to be an intellectually fulfilled atheist, but I found that ID made it possible for me to be an intellectually fulfilled Christian. Read More ›

Karsten Pultz on the recent Behe-Swamidass debate

Pultz: In my view, Swamidass excels as an expert in smokescreens; he can talk endlessly without nailing down tangible and memorable points. Although pressured more than once by Behe to deliver at least a single counter argument to IC, he did not come up with anything containing even a whiff of substance. Read More ›

Nathan Lents plugs Joshua Swamidass’s book on Adam and Eve at USA Today

Actually, it would make way more sense to take Adam and Eve seriously than to take the multiverse seriously, as many atheists do. Everyone is familiar with the type of human behavior Adam and Eve are said to have engaged in. No one knows what a universe that literally makes no sense would be like. Read More ›