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Michael Egnor

A Universal Mind is a reasonable idea, says Bernardo Kastrup

One reason that science media are respectful of cosmopsychism may be growing awareness of the problems with strict materialism, naturalism, or physicalism: As Michael Egnor has noted, “How can you have a proposition that the mind doesn’t exist? That means propositions don’t exist and that means that you don’t have a proposition.” Read More ›

Michael Egnor and Bernardo Kastrup: Why consciousness couldn’t just evolve from the mud

Kastrup, a philosopher and computer scientist, does not accept a Darwinian account of the evolution of consciousness and is is also sympathetic to the basic intuitions behind the idea that there is design in nature (intelligent design theory). Read More ›

Michael Egnor skewers claim that there is no continuity of the human self

Egnor: if Blackmore is not the same person now that she was a moment ago, then it makes no sense to call the YouTube video above an interview with Susan Blackmore. Perhaps it should be called interviews with Susan Blackmores or interviews with countless women, one of whom was Susan Blackmore. Or interviews with women formerly known as Susan Blackmore... Read More ›

Michael Egnor on the relationship between Darwinism and totalitarianism

Egnor: Philosopher Hannah Arendt is, in my view, the most perceptive analyst of totalitarianism. In her magnum opus, The Origins of Totalitarianism, she points out that Darwinism played an essential role in the rise of totalitarian governments in the 20th century. Read More ›

Michael Egnor counsels: Live not by lies

He explains how he got involved with ID. Sure, he tells us, people tried to get him fired and he received death threats. He offers various strategies to fight Cancel Culture, ending with “Censors of all sorts depend on the cooperation of their victims. Don’t cooperate. Don’t participate. Serve only the truth. Live not by lies. ” Read More ›

ID folk know a fair bit about how Cancel Culture works

As more and more normal people are Canceled for doing normal things, it will become progressively clearer that the nasties of Cancel Culture are at direct odds with the welfare of any normal enterprise they attach themselves to, whether it is a newspaper or a science. Finally, one must choose between catering to them and tending to the welfare of the enterprise. Read More ›

Do universities still need intellectual freedom? Why?

At one time, a university education was a prized opportunity to be part of an intellectual elite. Academic freedom was a club rule because it served well in the days when Einstein and Bohr, to name just two, provided us with a much better understanding of physics by overturning all that we thought we knew in certain areas. But maybe things have changed. Read More ›

Michael Egnor asks re COVID-19: How much of the science knowledge is fake?

Um, yes. A lot of people who want, for whatever reason, to survive and thrive, are going to have a lot of questions hereafter about the thousand shrieking heads of "consensus science."Before, it wasn't about anything that mattered so much to us. But, surveying the ruins now... Read More ›