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near-death experiences

At Mind Matters News: Claim — “Evolution” explains near-death experiences

Some researchers believe that near-death experiences are a biological mechanism like the fight-or-flight response, a means of pretending death to avoid a predator. They call it thanatopsis: … Two problems arise from this analysis. Read More ›

Michael Egnor: Neuroscientists can’t dismiss near death experiences

Egnor: It’s sobering to note that neuroscience has utterly failed to explain how the brain and mind relate. It is as if cosmology had failed to tell us anything meaningful about the universe; or medical science failed to tell us anything about health and disease; or geology failed to tell us anything about rocks. Read More ›

Near-death experiences challenge human senses

One interesting aspect of near-death experiences is that survivors’ accounts speak of sensing things they had not sensed before. What they sense is non inconsistent with science but it is typically unknown to most people. Read More ›