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The Case of Biologos and the Disappearing Documents

Maybe we should put J.Warner Wallace on this one. What happened to these documents at the BioLogos Theistic evolution site? Their grand Search for Truth seems to include finding and deleting documents without explanation. Read More ›

John Sanford on claims about brand new nylonase genes

Recently, we noted that John Sanford was speaking at NIH on human health and mutations. Philip Cunningham writes to mention a 2017 paper by Sanford and S. T. Cordova, Nylonase Genes and Proteins – Distribution, Conservation, and Possible Origins on whether the ba cteria that digest nylon evolved new genes: We began this work hoping to better understanding the various claims regarding the de novo origin of certain nylonase genes. The idea that nylonases would have arisen very recently, de novo, was based upon the widely-held assumption that nylonases would have been essentially non-existent prior to the artificial manufacture of nylon. This basic assumption would not be justified if there were any nylonlike polymers in nature, or if nylonase activity Read More ›