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BioLogos hopes to calm the fears of ignorant Christians about “evolution”

What some of us find curious is that Christian evolutionists so seldom want to grasp the fact that the problem for most Christians is Darwinism, which is an explicitly materialist and naturalist theory of everything. The problem is not “evolution” as in antibiotics. Read More ›

Will Joshua Swamidass have the floor at Uncommon Descent?

We will print, at Uncommon Descent, whatever Dr. Swamidass wishes to say further on this interesting topic of disappearing articles. We’d also be happy to hear him address how he thinks Dr. Axe has misrepresented him. Hey, we’re listening. Read More ›

BioLogos hosts Stephen Meyer to talk about his new book, Return of the God Hypothesis

Readers may recall Biologos as a theistic evolution confab, founded by, among others, genome mapper Francis Collins. Here’s both a podcast and transcript of an interview with Steve Meyer on The Return of the God Hypothesis. BioLogos Vice President Jim Stump is the host. There's even a guide to the episode. Read More ›

The Case of Biologos and the Disappearing Documents

Maybe we should put J.Warner Wallace on this one. What happened to these documents at the BioLogos Theistic evolution site? Their grand Search for Truth seems to include finding and deleting documents without explanation. Read More ›

Jon Garvey (“Hump of the Camel”) weighs in on the late Phillip Johnson

God can create ex nihilo. Claims like “God wouldn’t do it that way” are mere opinion. The question for a scientist ... is, what did he do? And once we are forced back on the evidence, the theistic evolutionists’ darling, Darwinism, comes more and more to be seen as the toad who is not turning into a prince when we finally get the princess to kiss him. Read More ›

Whatever happened to BioLogos (and “Christian evolutionism” in general)?

Maybe BioLogos is more interested in climate change now. National Center for Science Education appears to have gone the same route. A reasonable choice for both, given how Darwinism is faring. Read More ›

Design Disquisitions: A Dialogue Between Peter S. Williams & Denis Alexander

Read More ›